Rolls of the Orders of the East Kingdom

These are the full historical rolls, to the best of my records, and include people who no longer live in the East. Immigrant members of the various orders are listed with the name of the kingdom in which they were honored in parentheses.

Royal Peers


Territorial Barons (Landed Barons)

Landed Baron(esse)s receive Grants of Arms when they take office, unless they are already of equivalent or higher rank.

Grants of Arms

Kingdom Orders of High Merit

Barons and Baronesses of the Court

Baron(esse)s of the Court receive either an Award or a Grant of Arms, at the Crown's discretion

Awards of Arms

Chronological rolls of Awards of Arms (click on date range)

Kingdom Orders of Honor

Baronial Orders

Foreign Awards held by current Easterners

Non-Precedence Honors in the Gift of the Crown

Other Honors

  • The Shield of Chivalry
  • Champions of Their Majesties of the East


    Closed Orders of the East

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