Baronies of the East Kingdom

Listed in order of founding or of elevation to barony

Current Landed Barons and Baronesses of the East

Crown Province of Ostgardr   1968
    Order of the Seahorse
    Order of the Seadog (service to the Cantons)
    Order of the Silver Sea Lion
    Order of the Sea Star (for service at an event)

Barony of Carolingia 4/71
    Order of the Daystar (service)
    Order of the Moon (arts)
    Order of Perseus (arts martial)

Barony Beyond the Mountain 6/71
    Order of the White Oak (service)
    Order of the Sun & Soil (nonresident service)

Barony of Bhakail 9/71
    Order of the Salamander
    Other Bhakail Awards

Barony of the Bridge 7/76
    Order of the Pillar
    Freedom of the Bridge (nonresident service)

Barony of Dragonship Haven 3/79
    Dragonship Haven's OP (1997)
    Order of the Yale
    Order of the Oar
    Order of the Hawk's Bell
    Order of St. Martin (martial)
    Order of the Keel
    Worshipful Company of Artificers (arts)

Barony of Concordia of the Snows 1/81
   Order of the Snowflake
   Order of the Sapphire
   Order of the Friends
   Order of the Snow Hare (children)
   Order of the Feather 
   Order of the Pine
  Order of the Ram's Horn
  Concordia's Page on their awards

Barony of Settmour Swamp 9/81
    Order of the Ivory Tower
    Order of the Silver Tower  (exceptional service)
    Order of the Bronze Tower (service)
    Order of the Bloody Tower
    Order of the Iron Tower (arts martial)

Mountain Freehold 11/82 barony; 4/85 province; 1996 shire

Barony of Carillion 2/84
    Order of the Sable Bell
    Award of the Chime - conveys no precedence; not tracked

Barony of Stonemarche 10/87
    Order of the Millstone
    Order of the Furison
    Keepers of the Lamp

Barony of Ruantallan 10/88
    Order of the Iceberg  (my list, chronological)    
    Order of the Iceberg (Ruantallan's list, alphabetical, undated)

Province of Malagentia  7/90

Barony of Bergental approx 2/91
    Order of the Fountain (service)
    Order of the Hourglass (arts & sciences)
    Order of the Sable Bear (martial prowess)

Barony of An Dhubhaigeainn approx 11/91
    Order of the Silver Feather
    Silvanus Doke

Baronnie du Havre des Glaces 3/25/2000

    Ordre de la Rose des Glaces (service)
    Ordre de Mai (arts et sciences)
    Ordre du Pélerin (service by nonresident)
    Ordre du Meritum Martialis (martial activities)
    Chiffre du Baron (Baron's token of thanks - conveys no precedence)

Barony of Smoking Rocks  6/19/2004
    Order of the Leviathan (service)
    Order of the Quadrant (arts & sciences)
    Companions of the Rock (martial pursuits)
    Companions of the Lodestone (non-resident service)

Barony of L'Ile du Dragon Dormant  3/5/2005

Barony of Iron Bog  3/18/2006
    Sable Martlet (service)
    Sable Compass (arts & sciences)
    Sable Gauntlet (martial)
    Silver Martlet (service, higher level)
    Silver Compass (arts & sciences, higher level)
    Silver Gauntlet (martial, higher level)
    Silver Cattail (service)
    Baroness's Silver Ring

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