The Ace's Boke

Being a Collectyon of Letters Unto Their Excelencies of Carolingia, on the Arte and Mysteries of Gaming

As observ'd by Justin du Coeur, known as "Ace"

This section collects a series of articles I've been writing for The Carolingian Minuscule, the local newsletter for the Barony of Carolingia (the Boston branch of the SCA). The articles are something of an experiment, with several purposes. First, I wanted to teach gaming in general. Second, I wanted some practice with Elizabethan-style English. Third, I wanted to come out, at the end, with a book that I could hand to people for use in Le Poulet Gauche (our local tavern, which attempts to keep a very high level of authenticity to its late-16th-century French setting).

The Ace's Boke is, at this point, a work in progress. I'm writing one article at a time, essentially as the whimsy suits me, and when the deadlines require. I'm trying to strike a subtle compromise, keeping to a very period writing style while nonetheless attempting to be a bit clearer than most of the period sources. When I've got enough material and motivation, I plan on rewriting much of this to better suit a book format, and produce a collected edition, to be sold at Pennsic.

The chapters so far include:

Each chapter concludes with Endnotes, sometimes longer than the chapter itself, which are intended to help clarify the main text a bit.

I make no claim to any great expertise, especially in period English, so take all of this with a small grain of salt. But I've been having fun writing it, and I hope you have fun reading it...