Justin's Library

You climb up the winding staircase, into a large, well-lit marble room, which is covered from floor to rather high ceiling with paper. All kinds of paper: books, magazines, newspapers, and a really frighteningly high pile of comic books.

Up on a shelf is an immaculate, leather-bound collection labeled Grand Council Archives. However, this conspicuously only runs from 1995 through mid-1997.

Mostly, the walls are covered with bookshelves. One wall seems to be all technical books, and the rest are covered with miscellaneous books on every topic under the sun. A substantial section is devoted specifically to the history of games; clearly Justin has picked up a new obsession. There is a large encyclopaedia on the Renaissance off on one shelf, and a volume devoted specifically to early theatre, music, and dance. Yet another shelf contains several rather random period books, all from Emerald Press. All in all, a reference paradise, steadily growing.

There's another shelf (several, actually), covered with books of random humor. Enough so that you really wouldn't ever need to read anything serious, it sometimes seems.

There is a large mahogany conference table next to the staircase up. Sitting on top of that is a large booklet full of clip art.

In one corner is a small calligraphy table, with several font samples written on a piece of paper.

Finally, nestled in the one corner of the room that actually looks neat, is a small table with a Holy Bible, Square, and Compasses on it, sitting there quite peacefully.