Castle Hallway

You find yourself in, well, an architectural style quite different from the rest of the house. Stone walls and ceiling, with quite the impressive echo. You look behind you, and see a sign saying "This Way to the Present".

There is a big poster on the right, with pictures of knights and ladies and dancing and jousting and... oh, heck, lots of stuff. It has a big caption that reads, "Welcome to the Current Middle Ages". Next to that is a (slightly) smaller poster that reads " The East Kingdom -- Jewel of the Known World", and next to that is a yet (slightly) smaller one that reads "Carolingia Status Mentis Est". Finally, there is a small but very authentic-looking recruiting poster for the Trayned Bandes of London, alongside a handbill for Le Poulet Gauche Tavern.

On your left is a meeting room, full of people, engaged in a rather... boisterous... debate. The door to the room is marked:

Grand Council

Please do not feed the animals

At the end of the hallway, it opens up onto a Great Hall, which looks pretty large from here.

There is a small table sitting next to the entrance with a guest book on it.