Awards and Abbreviations in the Rolls Ethereal

The following are some of the awards listed in the Rolls. The list is notably incomplete; a number of people have sent me additions that haven't yet gone in. My current plan is to automate these, and permit people to add awards themselves. That waits until I have a little more time, though...

Abbreviation       Full title
------------       ----------
AA                 |See AoA
AoA                |Award of Arms ("Lord" or "Lady")
APF                |See Purple Fret
Argent Hart        |(Outlands A&S)
BMDL               |Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands (AEthelmearc)
Boga Fyrd          |(Calontir AoA-level Archery)
Boga Hirth         |(Calontir GoA-level Archery)
Bough              |Companion of the Bough of Meridies (Meridies Service)
BPG                |Bearer of the Prince's Gauntlet (Outlands Principality, Service to Prince)
Broken Brank       |(Meridies Chirurgeon award)
Calon Lily         |(Calontir GoA-level Arts)
CBM                |See Bough
CGA                |Companion of the Golden Alce (AEthelmearc Martial Arts)
CHL                |Companion of the Hawk's Lure (Atenveldt Fighting)
CK                 |See Keystone
CoD                |Carolingian Order of the Daystar (Carolingia, East, Service)
CoM                |Companion of the Maunche (Eastern Arts)
CoM                |See Moon
Corollae Aulica    |(Mists Service)
Corollae Muralis   |(Mists Combat)
Corollae Vitea     |(Mists Arts)
CoSC               |See Silver Crescent
CoSH               |Companion of the Sea-Horse
Cross of Calontir  |(Calontir GoA-level Service)
CSC                |See Silver Crescent
CSag               |See Saggitarius
CSO                |See Silver Oak
CSy                |See Sycamore
CVO                |See Velvet Owl
CW                 |See Willow
DB                 |(see Dragon's Barb)
DF		   |(see Dragon's Flight)
DH                 |(see Dragon's Heart)
Dragon's Barb      |(Middle, "excellence in or service to archery")
Dragon's Flight    |(Middle, "an award for archery given to a group")
Dragon's Heart     |(Middle, "recognition of long-standing service + help to others")
Dragon's Tooth     |(Middle, Excellence in battle before the Crown)
Dragon's Treasure  |(Middle, Children's Service)
DT                 |(see Dragon's Tooth)
DTR                |(see Dragon's Treasure)
DSB                |Defender of the Stag's Blood (Outlands Fighting)
Flame              |Persona Award (Calontir)
FoB                |Freedom of the Bridge (Barony Bridge, East)
GdS                |Goute de Sang (An Tir Service - holds GoA)
GoA                |Grant of Arms
Golden Branch      |Order of the Golden Branch (former Bards of the Mists,West)
Golden Calon Swan  |(Calontir AoA-level Arts)
Golden Poppy       |West Kingdom Arts Championship
Green Leaf         |(Barony of Madrone, An Tir, Service)
Healer's Lamp      |(Trimaris Chirurgeons' award)
Heralds Tressure   |(Trimaris Heralds' award)
Iren Fyrd          |(Calontir AoA-level Fighting)
Iren Hirth         |(Calontir GoA-level Fighting)
Iris               |(Ansteorra grant-level A&S)
JdL                |Jambe de Lyon (An Tir A&S - holds GoA)
Keystone	   |Companion of the Keystone (AEthelmearc service)
King's Favor       |Ring of the Kings Favor (Calontir)
KSCA               |Knight of the Society
Leaf of Merit      |(West)
Leather Mallet     |(Calontir AoA-level Sciences)
Light of Atenveldt |(Atenveldt Service)
LoC                |Legion of Courtesy (Caid Queen's courtesy award)
LR                 |Ladies of the Rose (for former Kingdom Sovereign Consorts)
MoL                |Master/Mistress of the Laurel (Society-level Arts)
Moon               |Carolingian Order of the Moon (Barony Carolingia, East, A&S)
OAP                |Order of the Argent Palm (Trimaris Service)
OBB                |See Broken Bank
OBT                |Order of the Burdened Tyger (Eastern Autocrats)
OC                 |Order of the Crescent (Caid GoA-level service)
OCS                |Order of Crescent Sword (Caid Fighting (manner & appearance))
ODC                |Order of the Dolphin of Caid (service)
ODG                |Order of the Doe's Grace (formerly Queen's Favor) (Middle, Courtesy?)
OGC                |Order of the Gauntlet of Caid (Caid heavy fighting)
OGO                |Order of the Golden Otter (Ealdormere A&S)
OHA                |Order of Harp Argent (Caid AoA Bardic A&S)
OHL                |See Healer's Lamp
OHTT               |See Heralds Tressure
OL                 |See MoL
OLC                |Order of Lux Caidis (Caid GoA-level A&S)
OLM                |Order of the Leaf of Merit (Western Service)
OKD                |Order of the Kitchen Drudge (Barony of Carolingia, East)
OP                 |See Pel
OPBA               |Order of the Palm of the Barony of Atenveldt, sevice award
OPE                |Atlantian Arts and Sciences
OPF                |See Purple Fret
OQG                |Order of the Queen's Grace, Atenveldt Kingdom award
ORC                |See Red Company
ORL                |Order of the Rose Leaf (Western Arts & Sciences)
OSC                |Order of Sable Crane (Ansteorran AoA-level service)
OSP                |Order of the Solar Phoenix, Princ. of the Sun service award
OT                 |See Troubadour
OTC                |Order of the Tygers Combatant (Eastern Fighting)
OTT                |See Triskele
PCS                |Principality Company of Sojourners (Drachenwald travellers)
Pel                |Master/Mistress of the Pelican (Society-level Service)
Perseus            |Carolingian Order of the Perseus (Baronial Martial Arts)
Purple Fret        |Award (or Order) of the Purple Fret (Midrealm Service)
QC                 |See Queen's Cypher
Q.E.D.             |Queens Endorsement of Distinction (Calontir)
Queen's Cypher     |(Various kingdoms -- thank-you from the Queen)
QoC                |Queen's Order of Courtesy (East)
Raven's Feather    |(Barony of Thescorre, East, Service)
RCA                |Royal Company of Archers (West GoA-level target archery)
RCY                |Royal Company of Yeomen (West GoA-level combat missiles)
Red Company        |Order of the Red Company (Middle mid-level fighting)
Sable Comet        |(Ansteorra AoA-level service to local group)
Sable Falcon       |(Ansteorra Fighting)
Sable Thistle      |(Ansteorra AoA-level A&S)
Saggitarius        |(Eastern Archery)
Sea Stag           |(Atlantian for Teaching Combat)
Sigil              |(AEthelmearc monarchs thank-you)
Silver Chalice     |(Calontir Children's Service)
Silver Crescent    |Companion of the Silver Crescent (Eastern Service)
Silver Hammer      |(Calontir GoA-level Sciences)
Silver Oak         |Companion of the Silver Oak (Middle Sciences)
Silver Spoon       |(Mists Cooking)
Sol                |Fleur de Solil, Atenveldt Kingdom A&S award
SSS                |Society of St. Saponaceus (Inadvertant Rialto Promotion)
Sword              |Valor in Battle (Calontir)
Sycamore           |(AEthelmearc A&S)
Terp               |Terpsichore (Eastern Dance)
Torse              |(Calontir AoA-level Service)
Triskele           |Triskele Trimaris (Trimaris Service)
Troubadour         |(Eastern Music)
TWIT               |Temporary WOAW In Training (see WOAW)
Velvet Owl         |Companion of the Velvet Owl (Meridies Arts)
Willow             |Companion of the Willow (Middle Arts)
WOAW               |Whimsical Order of the Ailing Wit (An Tir Punning)
Wooden Spoon       |(Western Cooking)