FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the East Kingdom Order of Precedence

What does the little star mean in front of some of the names?  Why don't I have one too?

The little star (*) means that the name is registered with the College of Arms of the Society for Creative Anachronism.  If you don't have a little star, either your name isn't registered, or I haven't recently checked the new registrations list and noticed that it got registered.

You don't have my most recent award listed.  Why?

Several possibilities:  1) I haven't done the data entry for that court yet.  2) There is a mistake on the court report.  3) It is listed, but under some other (mis-) spelling of your name, and I didn't recognize that it was you.  4) I made a mistake in the data-entry process.

You don't have my baronial award listed.  Why not?

Very few of the baronial heralds file their court reports as required by the Brigantia Herald's policy.  Please ask your local herald, or baron/baroness, to contact me.

Why can't you spell my name the way I like it?

I use the registered spelling of a name, if it is registered.  Sometimes, that isn't the spelling you like best.  If your name is not registered, I will use your preferred spelling.  Please let me know.

You used the name of the group where I received an award as my last name, but that isn't my name.

If a person appears on the court report with just a single name, e.g. "Elizabeth," and no last name/byname/descriptor, I will add the name of the group where the event took place, as an identifier.  This is so that as time passes, we can tell all the "Elizabeths" apart.  If you let me know what your name ought to read, I will fix it.  (Please!)

I changed my name and you didn't move my awards to my new name.  Why?

Probably I didn't know about the name change.  Please let me know.  Cross-references between the two names are also possible if they are quite different.

Some of my awards are listed under a different name.  Can I get them grouped under the name I use most often?

Yes, of course.  Almost certainly I hadn't realized that the two names were for one person.  Cross-references between the two names are also possible.  Please let me know.

I have nonstandard characters in my name.  Can you use those in your records?

Probably.  My fonts accommodate many non-English characters, including accents, cedillas, tildes, umlauts, thorns, and more.  However, in concession to our North American audience, I do not use other alphabets such as Cyrillic or Chinese, sorry.  Please contact me.

I just moved into the East.  How can I get listed on the Order of Precedence?

Please forward a list of your awards, with the date received (and kingdom, if that isn't clear).  Alternatively, you may ask the precedence herald of your former kingdom of residence to contact me.  Please do not use abbreviations in the award names -- I may not recognize them.

My friends just moved out of the kingdom.  Shouldn't you take them off the Order of Precedence?

I will take them out of the Alphabetic section, which is just current residents of the East.  Any awards they received while in the East will stay on the rolls of the awards (such as Award of Arms, or Silver Crescent) forever, as those are complete historical lists.  Please let me know, or have them let me know.  I can also forward a list of honors received to their new kingdom of residence, if desired.

One of the members of our local group has died.   Do you need to know?

If I am notified, I will mark their name with (§) which is how I mark those gentles who have passed on.

Does the East have any sumptuary laws?  What are they?

The East Kingdom does not have any sumptuary laws, or laws governing what regalia or garments may be worn by various members of the populace, beyond those found in the Society's governing documents.  Regalia that is reserved across the Known World, such as Ducal coronets, or knights' belts, is still reserved in the East, but the Kingdom does not have any rules of its own.  The badges of the various orders should only be worn by the members thereof, obviously.

I was honored with a court appointment -- where is the list of those?

I don't keep a list of any of the court appointments, such as (but not limited to): Seamstress/Tailor to the Crown, Queen's Guard, Royal Brewer, Food Taster.  Sorry.

FAQ last updated 15 June 2002.
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