Order of March

Theoretical order of march by rank, for the East Kingdom

People of the East Kingdom in order for a procession by precedence: (coming soon)
    Group One:  The Royalty and visiting foreign royalty
    Group Two:  The Officers of the Realm
    Group Three:  The Royal Peers
            3-A: The Dukes and Duchesses
            3-B: The Counts and Countesses
            3-C: The Viscounts and Viscountesses
    Group Four:  The Bestowed Peers
            The Orders of Chivalry, the Laurel, the Pelican, and the Rose
    Group Five:  The Territorial Barons and Former Barons
            5-A: Incumbent (current) Territorial Barons and Baronesses, by seniority of the group
            5-B: Retired Barons and Baronesses, by the date on which they had been invested
    Group Six:  Holders of Grants of Arms (including Court Barons and Foreign Order members who received grants)
    Group Seven:  Members of Orders of High Merit
            The Orders of the Maunche, Silver Crescent, Tygers Combattant, Sagittarius, and Golden Rapier
    Group Eight:  Court Barons
    Group Nine:  Armigers
    Group Ten:  Members of Orders of Honor
            The members of the Queen's Order of Courtesy, King's Order of Excellence, and the Orders of the Burdened Tyger, Terpsichore, and Troubadours
    Group Eleven:  Members of Baronial Orders

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File Created: 18 October 1998
Last Modified: 13 November 2005
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