Their Majesties of the East, Balfar III and Luna III

Chronological Tables of Awards given by the Crown
(local awards listed in rolls of orders and alphabetical lists but not here)

First Court, Coronation, April 8, 2000
Award of Arms Richenza the Confused
Award of Arms Lothar the Wanderer
Terpsichore Anne of Framlingham
Duchess Marieke van de Dal
Silver Crescent Gilcryst MacLochlainn
Silver Crescent*
Garrick Mapmaker
Award of Arms Joshua Stewart
*omission corrected, Feb. 2006
Spring Southern Region War Practice, May 6, 2000
Award of Arms Philippe de Bouillion
Queen's Order of Courtesy Erec Apollinaris
Award of Arms Anastasia of Owl's Reste
Award of Arms Diego Miguel de Vega
Silver Crescent Fiona Kyle
Award of Arms Emrys (of Owl's Reste)

Crown Tournament, May 13, 2000
Award of Arms Fia Carmen
Queen's Order of Courtesy Mairgret of Carrigart
Master of the Laurel Sean de Londres
Silver Crescent Eleanor Catlyn
Shield of Chivalry Hanse von Beke

Panteria/King's and Queen's Equestrian Championship, May 27-28, 2000
King's Champion Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon
Queen's Champion Eleanor FitzPatrick
Award of Arms Iain MacQuarrie of Ulva
Award of Arms Rowan ni Ruari
Award of Arms Bertrand Edward de Valois

War of the Roses, May 28, 2000
Award of Arms Jason of Concordia
Award of Arms Tyna of Concordia
Tygers Cub Gabriel of Nordenhil
Award of Arms Siobhan MacConmara

King's and Queen's Archery Championship, June 3, 2000
King's Champion Mark Squirrelsbane
Queen's Champion Lorenzo il Confuso
Award of Arms Neils of Fur
Award of Arms Robert Terrill
Award of Arms Mordecai Drummond
Award of Arms Phillip the Facetious
Award of Arms Wolfrith the Black
Silver Crescent Muirne ni Cormaic

King's and Queen's Tournament List Championship, June 17, 2000
King's Champion Lucan von Drachenklaue
Queen's Champion Timothy of Arindale
Award of Arms Etienne Armand Emrys Aleron
Award of Arms Abigail of Lorraine
Manche Damiano l'Immacolato
Manche Grainne ni Cleirigh
Mistress of the Pelican Dorren of Ashwell

Balfar's Challenge, June 24, 2000
Tyger's Cub Tara Gabrielle
Burdened Tyger Isabella d'Allains-sur-Comte
Award of Arms Christoffel d'Allains-sur-Comte
Award of Arms Yelena Ayzenshtat
Award of Arms Yasmine bint Rasheed
Award of Arms Tristan de Warrel
Award of Arms Jacob Fisher
Award of Arms Leonhardt Schuwert
Award of Arms Grigorii Andreyvich
Award of Arms Ciara (of Dragonship Haven)
Golden Rapier Mathgamain O'Brien
Court Baron and Grant of Arms Edward Dragonslayer

East Kingdom War Camp, July 1, 2000
Award of Arms Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea
Award of Arms Marta of Lindisfarne
Award of Arms Endarick dit Le Preux
Award of Arms Othon Honenstauffen von Salza
Silver Crescent Corin of Glenn Linn

Great Northeastern War, July 16, 2000
Terpsichore Emma la rousse d'Argentan
Troubadour Artos of Skara Brae
Troubadour Mickel von Salm
Queen's Order of Courtesy Tanniscent Rhiannon
Award of Arms Laurel of Devon
Award of Arms Rosa di Oro
Award of Arms Ruadh Crude McFroude
Award of Arms Juliene de la Rochelle
Award of Arms Richard Crowe
Manche Dugan McGowan
Silver Crescent Edward MacGyver
Sagittarius Arthur de Beaumont
Sagittarius Geoffrey de Wygan

East Kingdom War Camp in Eisental, July 22, 2000
Tyger's Cub William Barker
Tyger's Cub Tenchisaikai
Tyger's Cub Macha MacArthur
Award of Arms Tomasso Valeriano
Award of Arms Joanna of Eisental
Award of Arms Una Glor-Airgid, called Una the Harper
Award of Arms Gyddion yr Penrhyddyn
Award of Arms Elisheva of Kaffa
Award of Arms Marcele de Montsegur
Award of Arms Richard the Righteous
Manche Caisin nic Annaidh
Silver Crescent Ellesbeth Donofrey
Mistress of the Pelican Katherine Gilliesfleur
Mistress of the Laurel Rufina Cambrensis

East Kingdom Court (at the O'Choda Party), August 15, 2000
Court Baroness with Grant of Arms Rhiannon Ravensong

East Kingdom Court at Pennsic XXIX, August 16, 2000
Award of Arms Rupert the Unbalanced
Award of Arms Rose d'Amberville
Award of Arms Tristan de Chanticleer de Champagne
Silver Crescent Irondwarf
Manche Geoffrey the Younger
Golden Rapier Renne Wyrm
Sagittarius Conrad MacAllyn
Burdened Tyger Catriona MacLeod
Burdened Tyger Brigid O'Niell
Burdened Tyger Antonio di Napoli
Burdened Tyger Linette de Gallardon
Mistress of the Laurel Linette de Gallardon
Master of the Laurel Joram Goldspoons

On the field at the Abbey Battle, Pennsic XXIX, August 17, 2000
Knight Griffith FitzWilliam

Great Court at Pennsic XXIX, August 18, 2000
Court Baroness with Grant of Arms Bronwyn ferch Caris
Silver Crescent Morgan ap Rhys ap Bran
Chivalry (Knight instead of Master) Lucan von Drachenklaue
Mistress of the Laurel Rose Otter

Legends of Chivalry, September 16, 2000
Award of Arms Angus Ge Fianna
Award of Arms Argus of the Seven Hills
Award of Arms Giovanna della Rosa
Award of Arms Dinias ap Cynan
Award of Arms Floria de la Croix
Award of Arms Angus McClarion de Bruce
Tyger's Cub Caterina della Rosa
Silver Crescent Eleanor Fitz Patrick
Silver Crescent Faoiltigearna inghean mhic Ghuaire
Burdened Tyger Aldrich von Bremen
Burdened Tyger Feng von Amleth
Burdened Tyger Nikolai syn Igor Vladimirov
Burdened Tyger Miles of Whitewood Hall
Burdened Tyger Edward MacGyver
Burdened Tyger Ivan Ulrickson
Burdened Tyger Anastasia Gutane
Burdened Tyger Calum MacKay
Burdened Tyger Katerina Illiovna Vladimirov
Burdened Tyger Wulfhere of Stonemarche
Manche Mouradh of An Tir Caillte
Manche Avelina Keyes
Queen's Order of Courtesy Chiara di Ravenna
Court Baroness, Grant of Arms Eilís ní Bhraonaín
Tygers Combattant Ivar Volosatoi
Mistress of the Pelican A'isha bint Jamil
Master of the Pelican Aethelric Lindeberende
Master of the Pelican Julian le Scot

Last Court, September 30, 2000
Award of Arms Thailyn Mac Ausland
Award of Arms Christelle of Devonshire
Award of Arms Michael of Devonshire
Court Baron with Grant of Arms Joseph of the Red Griffin
Court Baroness with Grant of Arms Dyddanwy Gathfach
Court Baron with Grant of Arms Dorigen of Lewes
Manche Valdis of Gotland
Sagittarius Lorenzo Il Confuso
Queen's Order of Courtesy John the Bear
Burdened Tyger Danabren Madah-Mara
Burdened Tyger Melinda Anthea Maecenas Domna
Burdened Tyger Gwendolyn of Basing
Burdened Tyger Aquel of Darksted Wood
Burdened Tyger Johanna Dudley
Mistress of the Laurel Catriona MacLeod
King's Cypher Olivia Graeme
King's Cypher Morgan de Villarquemada
King's Cypher Osgkar of the Wood
King's Cypher Roderick Hawkyns of Basing
Queen's Cypher William Fitz Bubba
Queen's Cypher Danabren Madah-Mara
Queen's Cypher Duane Shinnock
Queen's Cypher Morgan ap Rhys ap Bran
Queen's Cypher Marta of Lindisfarne

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