Telephone Books (on the Foyer Table)

There is a small stack of phone books here, underneath the telephone. The one on top is marked "The Rolls Ethereal", and seems to be a listing of people in the SCA.

Next down is The Big Book, a big version of the Yellow Pages, with maps next to each entry. As part of that, there is a thick National Street Atlas, so you can find pretty much anything.

Below that is an excessively fat NYNEX Yellow Pages (organized, as usual, by type of business and then by city, which doesn't work quite as well with this thick a book). Then a much glossier Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages (which seems to have lots of glitz, but rather fewer actual entries). Finally, the more homespun Worldwide Yellow Pages (which is curiously broad but shallow -- one would get the impression that most of the pizzerias in the US are in Hawaii).