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Justin du Coeur, MKA Mark Waks

Welcome to my home page (third edition). While it is more or less stable at this point, it is constantly evolving; I'm something of a packrat, and constantly bringing new things into the house. Please tell me if a link has spoiled, so I can throw it out.

The GIF that took you to this page is by Gwydden Lawen, AKA Michael Kleber, one of my apprentices, currently off pursuing studies in fields of mathematics beyond the ken of mortal man.

While the pages in this space all come from "", that should be considered a temporary address. We have a permanent domain, "", which will always point to wherever our pages are currently located. If you are making bookmarks or links to this house, please substitute "" for ""; that way, your links are far less likely to get stale.

Mark Waks, AKA Justin du Coeur
Waltham, MA, AKA Barony of Carolingia, East Kingdom