Living Room

You wander through the arch into the living room, a big room full of cushy furniture. There's a stereo, some games, and a couch in front of the television; sitting by the couch is a copy of the current TV Guide, and under that is the Kids' WB Upcoming Episode Guide. On top of the stereo is a large CD review guide. A tall rack full of Renaissance Music sits next to it.

There's a bulletin board on the wall; posted on that is a list of You Know You've Been Watching Babylon 5 Too Much When...

There are big, sunny windows to the backyard; you can look outside and see what the weather is doing. Or you could turn to The Weather Channel on the TV set, if you're feeling like a lazy slob.

A radio is playing in the background.

Hanging on a nail on the wall is a cute little TamaGothi, just waiting to be abused.