Per fess dancetty Or and Sable, two hearts Gules

You find yourself in front of a large, sprawling house. The architecture is a bizarre melange of high-tech (with a big sign off to the side, which reads "UNN"), grafted onto what looks for all the world like a stonework castle. Workmen are scurrying all over it; the building looks like it has just been moved intact from somewhere else, and they are busily hooking up the plumbing and electricity. There is a sign with some heraldry over the door, which reads:

Welcome to Chez Coeur!

(Please wipe your feet on the doormat.)

There is a blue ribbon pinned up, quite solidly, by the side of the the front door. That sits next to a very large box with a raiseable lid, with a big sign saying Place Mail Here.

There is a bulletin board up, with various things on it, including a poster that reads, Stuff Kept In the House. There is also a flyer for Intercon XV, an upcoming convention dedicated solely to Live-Action Roleplaying Games.

As you look around, you notice a number of details. The sky seems somehow low-hanging, as if you could reach up and touch the world around you. In front of you, the door to the house is open (if a bit obstructed by debris at the moment). Glancing inside, you can see Justin frantically scurrying about, rearranging things, while Caitlin points out where the holes in the floor are. And off to the side, the road leads off to the City, whose lights you can dimly see in the distance.

Looking up to the west a bit, you can see clouds looming on the horizon. There is a car in the driveway; on the radio, you can hear current traffic reports.

If you wander around to the right, there's a gate that appears to lead to the back yard.