Spicy Szechuan Noodles

Author: Justin
Serves 4-8

1 lb. pasta (gemelli & fusilli are our favorites) 1/4 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup sesame tahini 1/2 cup warm water
6 Tbl. (3 oz.) soy sauce 4 Tbl. (2 oz.) rice wine vinegar
2 Tbl. (1 oz.) sesame oil 2 tsp. hot oil
chopped scallions toasted sesame seeds

Cook the pasta.  While it is cooking,  mix the peanut butter, tahini, water, soy, vinegar, and oils thoroughly.  (This will take some work; it helps if the water is good and warm.)  When the pasta is done, drain, put in a bowl, pour on the sauce, and toss until well-coated.  The scallions and seeds are optional; if desired, toss them on top.
Serve either hot or at room temperature; both work well.

Notes and Variations

This is Justin's very favorite potluck-supper dish.  It's fast and easy to make, filling, very tasty, keeps a very long time without refrigeration (we don't push it, but it certainly deals with a few hours in a bag with no problems), and doesn't need to be reheated.  In our opinion, it's a little better hot, but only a little.


Taken from the New Moosewood Cookbook.  Justin, one evening, was saying, "I have some chicken, which I'd like to make into sesame noodles with chicken."  He found this recipe in the cookbook, added chicken, and loved it.  He quickly discovered, however, that the vegetarian original is even better without the chicken adulterating it.