Pesto Pizza

Author: Justin
Serves 2-4


1 pizza crust ~4 oz pesto
4-6 oz. sliced white mushrooms 1 cup (~4 oz) shredded romano cheese
1 cup (~4 oz) shredded mozzarella ~8 oz precooked shrimp (optional)

Make pizza dough according to standard recipe.

Spread pesto, mushrooms, shrimp and cheese on the crust, in that order.

Proceed according to standard pizza recipe.

Notes and Variations

Works adequately with just mozzarella cheese (actually about 6-7 oz. usually suffices).  All proportions are wildly approximate.  Requires good pesto.


Crafted after trying something like this at Ciro's, and deciding that we could do better.  Went through a couple of generations.  Concluded that this is much better with homemade crust than with Boboli.  (The oil sits on top of the Boboli.)