Cranberry Waldorf Jello Salad

Author: Beverly C. Arslanian
Serves 12-16

1 pkg. lemon jello mix 2 cups cranberry juice
chopped red delicious apple chopped green (Granny Smith) apple
chopped walnuts diced celery

Make the jello using cranberry juice instead of water.
Dice the apples, but do not peel them.
Pour the jello into an oblong pan, top with fruit, nuts, and celery.
Chill to set.

Notes and Variations

Serve with a little whipped cream.

Chop the apples fine.  Two whole apples is more than you need for one package of Jello, but fine for a multiple batch.
Can be made with sugarfree jello (but that's sort of moot if you use sweetened cranberry juice cocktail).

Great with hot chicken dishes, like pot pie.


 Beverly makes this for OES Chapter functions.