Chicken and Lemon Salad

Author: Adapted lightly from Christopher Driver and Michelle Barriedale-Johnson
Serves 6


4 chicken breasts, or one whole chicken 1 small onion
1-2 apples a handful of parsley
peel and juice of 4 lemons 1/4 cup olive oil
salt  pepper
cinnamon mace

Cook the chicken, and remove any bones.  Cube.
Core and chop the apples, but do not peel.  Put to soak in the lemon juice to keep them from turning brown.
Chop the onion and parsley.
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
Season to taste with salt, pepper, and spices.
Serve chilled.

Notes and Variations

The cinnamon, nutmeg and mace first appear in Susan MacGregor's version, I think.

Driver and Barriedale-Johnson call for less lemon and less oil.


Pepys at Table : Seventeenth Century Recipes for the Modern Cook.  Christopher Driver and Michelle Barriedale-Johnson.  (Berkeley CA: University of California Press, 1984)  p.66-67

Original text:
"Take a hen and roast it, let it be cold, carve up the legs, take the flesh and mince it small, shred a lemmon and a little parsley and onions, an apple, a little pepper, and salt, with oyle and vinegar; garnish the dish with the bones and lemon peel and so serve it."
The Court and Kitchen of Elizabeth commonly called Joan Cromwell, 1664.

Dhugall served this at a May Day sometime in the late '80s.