Justin's Comix Attic

(Comic Books for Sale)

Sorry, but I'm afraid the attic is closed, maybe permanently. It isn't that I no longer have comics to sell -- I've simply realized that I no longer have time to sell them piecemeal. The amount of labor involved in selling the comics has simply been silly, given the piddling amounts of money coming in and the small number of comics I can actually sell this way.

My intention, over the next year or two, is to finish inventorying the comics, and then sell them in much larger bulk: large chunks of runs and larger. I'm likely to do this via eBay, but that's still up in the air.

So my thanks to those who have patronized me in the past years, and check back here once or twice a year. When I finally have my act together enough, I'll be selling a *lot* of comics (15,000 or so), at good prices...