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The Barony of Carolingia is roughly equivalent to the Greater Boston Area, as shown in this slightly small 38K GIF.

The Cantons

Canton of the Towers
The northern part of the Barony is the Canton of the Towers (the oldest Canton in the SCA -- contact Kali for more information).
Canton of Aschehyrst
The westernmost reaches of the Barony are the Canton of Aschehyrst -- for information, you may contact the Seneschale, Lady Rosa d'Oro da Murano, or go directly to the Canton of Aschehyrst Home Page for more detailed information.

The Boroughs

Carolingia also has a strong college presence, through a system of Boroughs, SCA groups on college campi. The exact list of active Boroughs tends to vary a bit from year to year, but the list usually includes:

Mitgaard, at MIT
Mitgaard meets Wednesdays at 6:30pm, in Private Dining Room 3 of the MIT Student Center; all are welcome, regardless of MIT affiliation. People wanting information about Mitgaard should send email to sca@mit.edu. The Provost is Myndroh (Jimmy Rising), who can be contacted at myndroh@mit.edu.
Ivory Keep, at Tufts
The Co-Provosts of Ivory Keep are Khadija (Beth Birdsall) who can be emailed at ep_birdsall@yahoo.com and Gerrard (Jonathan Reynolds) who can be emailed at jreyno01@emerald.tufts.edu. We meet every Wednesday at 6, usually at the Meyer Campus Center (but call or email first to double-check.) There is now an Ivory Keep Homepage, with more information about the borough.
Greenwood Isle, at Simmons College
The newest borough in the Barony (but one of the most active), Greenwood Isle can be contacted through its Provost, Deirdre of MITGaard (Amanda Rappolt), at amanda.rappolt@simmons.edu .
Fenmere, at Brandeis
Fenmere meets every Monday from 7-8pm, in Olin-Sang 104. The Fenmere mailing list can be found at fenmere@cyberzone.net. (Note that this is intended only for messages to the borough in general, not individuals at Fenmere.)
The Senior Provost is Katya (AKA Rachel Barckhaus), Katya@brandeis.edu; the Junior Provosts are Alessandra (AKA Shelby Bleiweis), shelby@brandeis.edu, and Sioned (AKA Charlotte Cartwright), charcart@brandeis.edu.
Felding, at Wellesley
The Provost of Felding is Lilias de Cheryngton, who can be emailed at cmccullo@wellesley.edu or phoned at 617-823-3139. You can also find a History of Felding here, written in 1990.
Duncharloch, at Harvard
Duncharloch is currently going through a period of inactivity. Folks at Harvard who are interested in the SCA should contact the magistra; those who might want to get things going at Harvard again should contact Justin, the Borough Liaison.
Southbanke, at Boston University
Borough meetings are held every Thursday evening at 6:30pm, at Espresso Royale. See the borough homepage for more information.
There is a Southbanke mailing list; write to darkages-l@bu.edu and ask for more information.
Huntington Green, at Northeastern
As of this point there is no official group at Northeastern; however, there some folks interested in reviving the branch there. Anyone interested to should write to Justin, who is helping to co-ordinate this.

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