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Epic Masked Ball

Borough of Fenmere (Brandeis University)
Sunday, April 18, 2004

All good gentles young and old are invited to attend a masked ball on the evening of Sunday, the 18th of April. The theme of the ball is Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Mythologies. Costumes and masks are highly encouraged but not required. During the late afternoon there will be various classes exploring this theme.

For full details, see the event homepage.

May Day

Borough of Fenmere (Brandeis University)
Sunday, May 2, 2004

With the ground beginning to thaw and Spring approaching, the Borough of Fenmere prepares our May Day celebrations once again. Join us on Sunday, the second of May, 2004 as we celebrate the coming of Spring. Come frolic with us on the field as we celebrate the fertility of the season with the Green Man. Thrill to the sounds of music and dancing on the field. Be awed by the might and power of our fighters and the skill and precision of our fencers.

For full details, see the event homepage.

East Kingdom Academy of the Rapier

Westford, MA
June 25-27, 2004

The Barony of Carolingia is proud to announce that it will be hosting the long awaited Academy of the Rapier June 25th through June 27th, 2004. Classes will run throughout the day and partially into the night of Saturday with a half-day of classes on Sunday.

For full details, see the event homepage.

Some Other Events of Particular Interest

Road Trips Planned

Carolingians, planning on travelling to an out-Barony event? Consider being listed here. The information of who's going to which event can turn out to be useful at the oddest times: from putting together caravans to finding someone to deliver a scroll or event fliers, from bringing back news of distant friends to sharing directions and road conditions.

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