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The Carolingian Minuscule

The Carolingian Minuscule is a publication of the Barony of Carolingia of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. ("SCA Inc."). Subscriptions to the Carolingian Minuscule are $15 per year and available from:

The Carolingian Minuscule
Fred Kutz
1 Stratton Terrace
Waltham, MA 02453

Individual copies cost $1.50 each and are sold on an availabilty basis. Please make checks payable to SCA Inc. - Barony of Carolingia and send your modern name and mailing address.

A year's subscription to the Minuscule constitutes 11 issues; the July and August issue are usually combined, due to Pennsic.

The Minuscule is not a corporate publication of the SCA Inc. and does not delineate SCA policies.

Electronic Mailing Lists

Carolingia has two mailing lists. The list 'carolingia' is a general discussion list for topics of interest to the barony. The list 'carolingia-announce' is for announcements only, such as notices of events, important information, etc.

You do not need to join 'carolingia-announce' if you join 'carolingia' - all announcements will be passed on automatically to the general list, so you'll just end up getting two copies of the email if you join both.

Subscribing / Unsubscribing

To join either list, go to the appropriate web page:


and follow the directions found there.

If you prefer to use email instead of the web page, you can send email to


with the subject line of 'subscribe' or 'unsubscribe' as appropriate.

Other Administrative Functions

The web site address will be listed on the bottom of every list message. Go to the web site to perform all admin functions such as changing to or from digest mode, or temporarily suspending the receipt of mail from the list.

The very last box on the bottom of the web page says "To change your subscription (set options like digest and delivery modes, get a reminder of your password, or unsubscribe), enter your subscription email address:"

Enter your email address, and hit 'edit options'. You will then see a new page which shows you your personal configurations, and allows you to unsubscribe, change to or from digest, set yourself 'no mail', and other options. You must enter your password for these to take effect, so there's a box at the top to have the password mailed to you if you need it. You will also receive automatic email on the first day of every month that includes your list password.

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