The Virtual Library of Carolingia

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The Charter and Statutes of Carolingia

The Beneficium Carolingianum Pro Artibus is a fund maintained by the Barony for worthy arts projects.
An article about the Beneficium -- what it is, how it works, and what's been done with it.
Also, here is the application form for projects that would like Beneficium money.

Baronial and Society History

History of the Borough of Felding
A History of the Borough of Felding is available; this currently runs through 1990.
Carolingian Historian/Librarian Website
A listing of the resources that can be found in the Baronial Library.

Guides and Practical Instruction

Orlando's Research
Orlando has a number of useful articles, largely but not entirely focusing on period beverages.
The Carolingian Site Book
A collection of descriptions of sites that Carolingia has used, or which may be worth using in the future. Additions are welcomed.
How to Autocrat Events in Carolingia
Tibor wrote a short guide to How to Autocrat Events in Carolingia; new autocrats should definitely check this out for tips.
Autocrat's Checklist
A briefer but more concrete list by the Seneschal, of the most critical items every Autocrat should take into account.
Provost's Handbook
Justin and several others put together a Provost's Handbook, which gives some general advice on how to run a Borough in Carolingia, including a detailed section on running demos.
Camping Tips
Rose Otter assembled a long collection of Camping Tips, including a couple of recipes for making good (if not necessarily quite period) beef jerky.
To The Fabric Stores
Tibicen has written up a nice set of directions to the fabric stores of Boston, including a simple ASCII map of the area. (Note that this is version 2.0 of the directions, a bit improved from the version that used to be on this page.)
Rank, Title and Customs of the East Kingdom
Tibor maintains an ever-growing guide to many of the formalities found at events.

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